My Entreprenuerial Venture

 BookLine – The College Life Line

A project owned and operated by four (4) students of the University of the West Indies (UWI Cavehill). Book Line was created with the sole purpose of tackling the high cost of tertiary education within the country of Barbados and in the near future the Caribbean Region. As past and present students we have an acute understanding of the situation and the problem and we have come up with the unique solution.

According to recent studies, over 2/3 of college students are not buying textbooks for their classes because they simply cannot afford to purchase them, and more individuals cannot afford a tertiary level education. We know the cost to attain entry into college is getting beyond the reach of many. Also, compound that with high tuition cost, attaining textbooks for study is problematic.

Attending college or university without a textbook is detrimental, as the required course material is necessary to successful completion of one’s education. Through the use of Book Line’s services individuals can reduce some of the cost associated with attaining textbooks, as no other textbook rentals services are offered for tertiary level institutions.

Book Line offers two major services to current and pass tertiary students.

1. It allows students to rent textbooks and other course material (Rental Service).

2. It provides students with a safe way to generate a moderate income on their unused textbooks (Rent-Back Programme).

Other products and services include college accessories, college supplies, course materials, college apparel, and pre/primary school supplies. Students have the ability to sell their textbook and purchase inexpensive new or used textbooks. Visit www.

Winners of the SEED CIBC First Caribbean Business Plan Competition

Winners of the UNDP-YouthIN-YABT Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC) – Best Social Entrepreneur Award

Finalist of the TIC Americas (Eco-Challenge)

Finalist of the Eco-Entrepreneur 2013

Youth-In CIC SEED CIBC Business Plan Competition